Drugs come from a variety of sources, both from plants and microorganisms. Drugs used to come from plants only, but recently, many now come from microorganisms, most notably penicillin, which came from a fungi. Other drugs come from plant sources, such as morphine, which is taken from plant seeds, then the chemicals are concentrated so they can be effectively used for their pain […]

Antibodies are a protein which are produced by white blood cells, more specifically B-Cells or B-lymphocytes. They’re produced when the body is invaded or infected by a pathogen which have a certain unique sets of molecules on their surface called antigens. When the B-Cells come into contact with a foreign antigen, so one that has […]

Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is centered around the exploration of the main character of Macbeth. It presents many different views of Macbeth and his character can be interpreted in many different ways by modern standards. The main focus, however, is clearly on Macbeth’s state of mind and its continued downward slope leading to him from being […]

A stem cell is a general cell whose purpose is to turn into a more advanced and specialised cell. There is controversy behind these cells because you are able to grow body parts with it but it requires you getting what you need from an embryo. Depending on when one believes life begins, this could […]

In order to set up a microscope, you will firstly need your specimen.In the case that you have a light microscope, you will be needing to plug it in so the light may emit the light necessary in order to look at the specimen. The chemical necessary in order to see the specimen so that […]

‘Explain how lichens are environmental indicators’ Due to lichens being sensitive to environmental changes and disturbances it is a good environmental indicator. An environmental indicator is something which tell us of what’s happening in the environment, for example lichens reacting with air pollution. If they are exposed to air pollution, especially bushy ones, they can […]

The tall, fair haired man lay in his bed exhausted from his tiring job, where it seemed that all his hard work and preparations were thrown away daily. When he slept, he was tormented from memories of the war. Whenever he closed his eyes he could feel the sand in his face and hear the shouting and […]